Providing temporary shelter and meals for the homeless community
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Severe Weather Shelter

Without permanent homeless shelters in Littleton, the homeless community here faces true danger when the temperatures plummet. In response, The Life Center provides meals and safe overnight refuge during these cold and life-threatening evenings when we are on-call as a part of the Severe Weather Network.

When overnight temperatures plummet, we will open our facility as a part of the Severe Winter Shelter network to provide safe shelter. The Severe Weather Network is activated during the following circumstances:

1 // Overnight temperatures of 20 degrees or colder with no precipitation or snow on the ground, or
2 // Overnight temperatures of 32 degrees or colder with precipitation or snow on the ground.

If you need immediate shelter, please call 720.257.9414 or email Lynn Ann Huizingh, the Severe Winter Shelter Executive Director.

Please DO NOT come directly to our facility, we will not be able to accommodate you.


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