Transforming today and eternity

God is doing incredible things through the Life Center and by giving, you become an important part of it. Your generosity provides meals for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, and counseling for the distressed, but not only that. Your generosity enables us to share the hope of Jesus and His transforming power over broken lives. Your giving provides hope for a better today, tomorrow, and eternity. 

WHAT Your donation DOES



We work hard to create and refine each program to best fit the needs of our community.



Our purpose is to not only serve the community but to intentionally teach the body of Christ and community to do the same.


Keeping the Lights On

This allows us to continue to repair and improve the building we were given.


Community Partners

We want to give to partner organizations who are in the trenches with us.

Transforming communities Period

Every dollar you give is a tool for transforming lives and transforming our community.

A STORY of transormation

Meet William & Sharon

William & Shannon got married in 1996. They had good jobs and a bright future of possibilities. But after a work injury, job loss, and cross-country move, they felt that they had lost everything.

Two years ago, in the midst of their struggles, they committed to a deeper relationship with Jesus and dedicated themselves to learn what it means to put their faith in Him.

The road has not been easy—far from it—but God has moved through everyday miracles and through His people to provide food, shelter, and clothes.

Nineteen years of marriage, four dogs, two kids and a guinea pig later – their journey is not over. They are still struggling but their family has learned how much they can trust in a God who deeply loves them.